Employees Association of Professionals

                Tahoe Forest Hospital District

There are multiple ways to contact the EAP officers. First we have an EAP e-mail address.  Or you can e-mail individual members of the board. Below is a list of e-mail addresses and the unit that board members works in. You can call or contact the board members at their work location, however, please be respectful of their time while at work.  Or simply fill out the form below, which will send a message to the President at the EAP e-mail.

​Jennifer Ingalls:  (President)  Works in IT, RN


​Lynn Redner: (Vice President): Works in Surgery, RN


​Sonia Henry : (Treasurer) Works in Labor and Delivery, RN


Allison O'Brien: (Secretary) Works at Occ Health 


Juan Abarca-Sanchez: (Past President) Works in Respiratory Therapy


EAP : eap@tfhemployees.org